S.C.A.N. Services
S.C.A.N. Services
RA4 prints from color negatives

SCAN Services digitizes, in very high resolution, any type of photographic film from microfilm to 8×10’ sheet film.

Our productivity of 400 to 600 scans per hour allows us to deliver your orders in less than 24h !

We are using a reprographic stand equipped with a Rodenstock 120mm f/5.6 Apo-Macro-Sironar lens and a Phase One 100 Mpx CMOS sensor.

This system, as well as our production technics and the training of our operators, fulfil results surpassing the most popular CCD scanner on the professional market: the Hasselblad/​Imacon.

• Better resolution than Imacon
• 25 times faster than Imacon
• 15 times less expensive than Imacon


Photographers shooting film today have the choice to disrupt their post-production processes. After the film processing stage, no need to go through the time-consuming steps of printing a contact sheet (or low-resolution scans) followed by the editing and finally the high-resolution scanning.

  1. We collect your films after a photoshoot
  2. We deliver and pick up your film at the lab of your choice for processing
  3. We digitize ALL your images in very high resolution (see SPECS)
  4. We transfer the images both in RAW and JPG on our Dropbox or on a classic hard drive.
  5. Your film is stored until you get it back (6 months maximum)

    You will enjoy the incredible precision and color rendering of our files, as well as the excellent editing capabilities of Capture One software.

Reprographic stand and medium-format sensor solutions are widely used by museums and cultural institutions for film scanning, they are the most reliable, secure, and fastest methods of digitizing large quantities of film.

The Phase One CMOS 100 Mpx digital backs, released in January 2016, are now allowing to surpass the Hasselblad/Imacon’s highest resolution, making reprographic systems a very strong alternative.

Resolution comparison between PhaseOne IQ3-100 Vs. Imacon/​Hasselblad Flextight X5

Phase One IQ3 Imacon
Film 35mm
8200 PPI 8000 PPI
FILM 120/​220
3500 PPI 3200 PPI
FILM 4’×5’
2200 PPI 2040 PPI

See below the characteristics of the files we deliver.

For every digitization produced in HR, a JPG reading copy is exported



.EIP (16bit Phase One RAW with embedded settings)
130 Mo/​image


5804×4354 px

.JPG (Adobe RGB 1998)
2–3 Mo/​image

The colorimetric rendering of our scans is the fruit of numerous research and experimentations, our goal is the get an accurate and constant rendering of the image to its specific medium. Therefore photographers have the insurance that they can objectively compare one photo shoot to the next one, thus being able to better predict their intended final rendering.

For color negatives, we based our intended rendering on what we would get from a classic RA4 darkroom print. Each emulsion/​processing combination bring on a different color rendering, that’s why we produced a wide range of prints for most emulsion/​lab combinations available in Paris. Each of those combinations is subject to the creation of different settings in Capture One in order to obtain results as close as possible to the film manufacturer’s intent. Adobe RGB 1998 color space is large enough to contain the totality of the colors reproducible with RA4 papers and chemistry.

For color positives the delicate step of inversion is not present, we simply aim to reproduce the transparency real colors with the most accuracy. Our system is regularly calibrated and characterized in order to obtain a precise rendering corresponding to observation on a calibrated D50 light table. Purists can ask to get the images delivered in Beta RGB color space, wide enough to contain the totality of the colors reproducible on professional positive films.

Possible renderings of black and white negatives are too numerous for us to simulate and offer each emulsion/​chemistry/​paper combination. We chose to render all B&W images with an average low contrasted curve, leaving to the photographers the task of interpreting their image towards the desired contrast.

We also offer the creation of personalized settings directly appliable to your order and the next ones, as well as formations to better understand the use of Capture Onne various tools in the specific context of film digitization.

Ask us any question here: info@​scan-​services.​net


Prices (excluding VAT), the images are digitized and uploaded on Dropbox in HR, a Wetransfer link to the .JPG copies is sent at the latest 24h after film drop-off!

36 images
15 images
12 images
10 images
Per image
35mm up to 8×10’
1 image

5 films minimum order.

Pick-up at any lab (Paris).

Payment by credit/​debit card (internet) or wire transfer at delivery.

Please ask us a quote here: info@​scan-​services.​net






SCAN Services
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